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Course Code Course Title
CHEM1070 Principles of Modern Chemistry
CHEM1072 General Chemistry
CHEM1280 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biomolecules
CHEM1300 Fundamentals in Physical Chemistry
CHEM1380 Basic Chemistry for Engineers
CHEM1870 Essential Experimental Chemistry
CHEM2110 Fundamentals of Spectroscopic Analysis
CHEM2120 Main Group Chemistry
CHEM2200 Organic Functional Groups: Structure and Reactivity
CHEM2270 Student Oriented Teaching
CHEM2300 Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium
CHEM2310 Introduction to Quantum Chemistry
CHEM2382 Chemistry of Life
CHEM2400 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM2860 Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM2870 Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM3130 Transition Metal Chemistry
CHEM3220 Organic Reactions: Reactivity and Selectivity
CHEM3230 Physical Organic Chemistry and Aromatics
CHEM3320 Chemical Kinetics
CHEM3340 Introduction to Material Chemistry
CHEM3410 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM3420 Accreditation of Laboratory Tests
CHEM3810 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3820 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3830 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM3840 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM3860 Transitional Metal Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3870 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
CHEM3880 Quality Testing Laboratory
CHEM4010 Problem-based Learning in Testing and Accreditation I
CHEM4020 Problem-based Learning in Testing and Accreditation II
CHEM4030 Problem-based Learning in Chemistry I
CHEM4040 Problem-based Learning in Chemistry II
CHEM4100 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM4110 Organometallic Chemistry
CHEM4120 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM4200 Organic Chemistry in Life
CHEM4210 Introduction to Chemical Biology
CHEM4230 Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly
CHEM4302 Statistical Thermodynamics
CHEM4400 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHEM4440 Food Testing and Environmental Analysis
CHEM4470 Internship in Accredited Laboratory
CHEM4480 Undergraduate Special Project I
CHEM4490 Undergraduate Special Project II
CHEM4630 Asymmetric Organic Synthesis
CHEM4640 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
CHEM4710 Quantum Chemistry
CHEM4730 Special Topics in Chemistry
CHEM4780 Mass Spectrometry
CHEM4784 Bioanalytical Methods
CHEM4785 Industrial Chemistry
CHEM4788 Chemical Applications in Forensic Science
CHEM4960 Research in Chemical Science I
CHEM4970 Research in Chemical Science II
CHEM4980 Undergraduate Thesis I
CHEM4990 Undergraduate Thesis II
BCHE4010 Molecular Biology
CMBI4002 Protein Folding
ENSC4525 Advanced Environmental Chemistry
ENSC4535 Chemical Treatment Processes
ESSC3220 Atmospheric Chemistry
PHYS3021 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS3022 Applied Quantum Mechanics
PHYS4031 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS4440 Topics in Nanoscience and Technology
PHYS1001 Essential Physics
PHYS1002 General Physics
PHYS1111 Introduction to Mechanics, Fluids, and Waves (University Physics I)
LSCI1000 Biochemistry of Health and Disease
LSCI1001 Basic Concepts in Biological Sciences
LSCI1002 Introduction to Biological Sciences
MATH1010 University Mathematics
MATH1520 University Mathematics for Applications
MATH1550 Methods of Matrices and Linear Algebra
STAT1011 Introduction to Statistics
STAT1012 Statistics for Life Sciences