Course List

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CHEM courses at 1000 / 20003000 / 4000 / 5000 level
Non-CHEM elective coursesFaculty Package courses / STARS courses

CHEM courses (for students of 2019/20 cohort or thereafter)

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
CHEM1070Principles of Modern Chemistry3
CHEM1072General Chemistry3
CHEM1280Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biomolecules3
CHEM1300Fundamentals in Physical Chemistry2
CHEM1380Basic Chemistry for Engineers3
CHEM1870General Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM2110Fundamentals of Spectroscopic Analysis2
CHEM2120Main Group Chemistry2
CHEM2200Organic Functional Groups: Structure and Reactivity3
CHEM2270Student Oriented Teaching1
CHEM2300Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium3
CHEM2310Atoms and Molecules3
CHEM2382Chemistry of Life2
CHEM2400Analytical Chemistry2
CHEM2860Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I4
CHEM2870Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II4
CHEM3130Transition Metal Chemistry3
CHEM3220Organic Reactions: Reactivity and Selectivity2
CHEM3230Conjugated Molecules and Synthetic Polymers2
CHEM3320Chemical Kinetics3
CHEM3340Materials Chemistry2
CHEM3410Instrumental Analysis3
CHEM3420Accreditation of Laboratory Tests2
CHEM3810Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM3820Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM3830Physical Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM3840Physical Chemistry Laboratory II2
CHEM3860Transition Metal Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM3870Instrumental Analysis Laboratory2
CHEM3880Quality Testing Laboratory2
CHEM4010Problem-based Learning in Testing and Accreditation I0
CHEM4020Problem-based Learning in Testing and Accreditation II4
CHEM4030Problem-based Learning in Chemistry I0
CHEM4040Problem-based Learning in Chemistry II4
CHEM4100Advanced Inorganic Chemistry2
CHEM4110Frontier Organometallic Catalysis3
CHEM4120Bioinorganic Chemistry2
CHEM4200Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology2
CHEM4210Introduction to Chemical Biology2
CHEM4230Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly2
CHEM4302Statistical Thermodynamics2
CHEM4400Advanced Analytical Chemistry2
CHEM4440Food Testing and Environmental Analysis2
CHEM4470Internship in Accredited Laboratory2
CHEM4480Undergraduate Special Project I1
CHEM4490Undergraduate Special Project II1
CHEM4630Asymmetric Organic Synthesis2
CHEM4640Pharmaceutical Chemistry2
CHEM4710Quantum Chemistry2
CHEM4730Special Topics in Chemistry2
CHEM4780Mass Spectrometry2
CHEM4784Bioanalytical Methods2
CHEM4785Industrial Chemistry2
CHEM4788Chemical Applications in Forensic Science2
CHEM4960Research in Chemical Science I2
CHEM4970Research in Chemical Science II2
CHEM4980Undergraduate Thesis I0
CHEM4990Undergraduate Thesis II4
CHEM5080Introduction to Macromolecules2
CHEM5301Colloids and Surface Chemistry2
CHEM5302Statistical Mechanics2
CHEM5530Advanced Organometallic Chemistry2
CHEM5540Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry2
CHEM5550Organolanthanide Chemistry2
CHEM5560Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis2
CHEM5620Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry2
CHEM5630Synthesis of Natural Products2
CHEM5642Supramolecular Chemistry2
CHEM5660Advanced Organic Chemistry: Structures and Mechanisms2
CHEM5680Advanced Chemical Biology2
CHEM5780Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules2
CHEM5781Advanced NMR Spectroscopy2
CHEM5782Principles of Biomolecular NMR Spectoscopy2
CHEM5783Introduction to Laser Spectroscopy2
CHEM5784Instrumental Analysis of Biomolecules2
CHEM5785Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage2
CHEM5910Current Topics in Chemistry2
CHEM5920Computational Chemistry2
CHEM5930Molecular Quantum Mechanics2

Non-CHEM elective courses

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
BCHE3050Molecular Biology2
CMBI4002Protein Folding1
ENSC4525Advanced Environmental Chemistry3
ENSC4535Chemical Treatment Processes3
ESSC3220Atmospheric Chemistry3
PHYS3021Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYS3022Applied Quantum Mechanics3
PHYS4031Statistical Mechanics3
PHYS4440Topics in Nanoscience and Technology3

Faculty Package courses (Chemistry)

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
CHEM1070Principles of Modern Chemistry3
PHYS1001Essential Physics3
PHYS1002General Physics3
PHYS1111Introduction to Mechanics, Fluids, and Waves (University Physics I)3
MATH1010University Mathematics3
MATH1520University Mathematics for Applications3
MATH1018Honours University Mathematics3
MATH1550Methods of Matrices and Linear Algebra3
LSCI1001Basic Concept in Biological Sciences3
LSCI1002Introduction to Biological Sciences3
LSCI1012Introduction to Life Forms in the Biosphere3
STAT1011Introduction to Statistics3
STAT1012Statistics for Life Sciences3

STARS courses

Course Code Course Title Unit(s)
STAR2000 Undergraduate Research in Science I 1
STAR2050 Seminar I 1
STAR3000 Undergraduate Research in Science II 2
STAR3050 Seminar II 1
STAR4000 Undergraduate Research in Science III 3
STAR4050 Seminar III 1