Career Prospects

The career of our graduates is highly diversified. Besides continuing to pursue higher degrees in chemistry or related disciplines, some of our graduates are engaged in chemistry-related careers while some serve in primary or secondary schools. Some may choose to develop their careers in commerce and industry sectors based on their sound training in analytical perception and technical knowledge. Many of our former graduates are now taking prominent positions in different sectors, including:

Secondary school principals / teachers
Professors / lecturers in local and overseas tertiary institutions
Chemists and forensic scientists in government laboratories
Scientific officers in the Department of Health and Environmental Protection Department
Senior executive officers in chemistry-related businesses and industries
Researchers in scientific research and development sectors

Alumni Sharing

Prof. NG Wai Lung Billy (B.Sc. 2010 / Ph.D. 2014)

Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"I am very grateful for the patience and support of my teachers at CUHK Chemistry. The training that I recevied at CUHK had well-equipped me for my subsequent research journey in US & UK. It's really my honor to serve my alma mater and to apply chemistry knowledge to understand biology and medicine."

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Dr. TAM Tin Lok Timothy (B.Sc. 1999 / M.Phil. 2001) 

Chief Operation Officer, Ling Nam Medicine Factory

"The year I graduated coincided with the sea-change in Chinese medicine. The government started to regulate it, requiring the manufacturers to list the ingredients and their medicinal effects. The traditional industry had to look for chemistry personnel with laboratory testing experience to help with products quality control."

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Dr. YUI Tsz Hin (B.Sc. 2014 / Ph.D. 2019)

Engineer, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd.

"Studying chemistry in CUHK was a fulfilling journey. The program did not only provide solid chemical knowledge, but also gave me new insights and inspiration in chemistry which are useful to my current R&D work. Apart from academics, I have so many precious memories with my collegemates and colleagues in those years. I will forever cherish the time I spent in CUHK chemistry."

Ms. LAU Yan Lam
(B.Sc. 2015)

Chemistry Panel, Lai King Catholic Secondary School

"I am very blessed to be one of the graduates of CUHK Chemistry. The program not only equipped me with an in-depth knowledge of Chemistry, but more importantly the sense of scientific thinking. Besides, the wide range of learning experiences allow us to become excellent problem solvers. Great thanks to all dedicated Professors and teaching fellows for their wholehearted support."


Mr. CHIANG Ka Chon (B.Sc. 2012 / M.Phil. 2014)

Teacher, Pui Ching Middle School

"I thank all teachers at CUHK Chemistry who offered me advanced knowledge and techniques that are evidently essential for the secondary educational sector. With a grateful heart, I would like to extend my professional knowledge to teach the next generations."

Mr. CHEUNG Ka Hin Edward (B.Sc. 2012)

Scientific Officer, Department of Health

"Studying in CUHK Chemistry equipped me with more than just chemistry knowledge. The scientific and analytical thinking I acquired here helps me throughout my further study and my career. Such skill is an universal attribute that can help one pursue their future dream."

Mr. WONG Chak Kui (B.Sc. 2019)

DPhil student, University of Oxford

"I am really happy to know that chemistry is not only limited to experiments but computers, and this provides chemistry students one more possible prospect."

"If you intend to study for a PhD, proactively look for research opportunities at CUHK and also at overseas universities. Don’t be afraid of sending emails to professors, but do ask politely."

>> Mr. WONG Chak Kui has been awarded the University of Oxford Croucher Scholarship