Master of Science (MSc) in Accreditation Chemistry


This Master of Science programme is offered by the Department of Chemistry of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is formulated and taught by experts in the education, testing and accreditation sectors, including professors of the University, former professional staff of the Government Laboratory, ex-accreditation officers and experienced assessors of the Hong Kong Accreditation Service, and managerial staff of testing laboratories.


This programme aims at giving graduates with a relevant Bachelor of Science degree a thorough understanding of the concepts of quality assurance in laboratory operations and is intended to develop their technical expertise in various fields of chemical testing. Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates are expected:

  1. to acquire the knowledge and skills for the development and implementation of a quality management system required for a chemical testing laboratory;
  2. to understand the requirements for laboratory accreditation;
  3. to recognize local regulatory requirements and international trade protocols related to testing;
  4. to understand chemical testing of foods, environment pollutants, construction materials, toys or related consumer goods

Those who wish to pursue a career in chemical testing or related industries will find the programme useful and rewarding.

<!—Master degree, Chemistry, Analytical, Science, Hong Kong