Science, Technology and Research Stream

Hosted by the Faculty of Science, Science, Technology and Research Stream (STARS) intends to admit top students with strong ability and interest to gain wider exposure and research experience during their undergraduate studies. It aims at training future research scientists.

Students will need to complete an experiential learning for not less than 4 consecutive weeks outside Hong Kong. It would extend students’ exposure and thus make them appreciate new cultures, hone language skills, grow confidence, and prepare for a career in a globally connected world.

STARS is an add-on stream which must be taken with Main Stream / Enrichment Stream / Testing and Accreditation Stream.

Study Schemes

STARS Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
STAR2000Undergraduate Research in Science I1
STAR2050Seminar I1
STAR3000Undergraduate Research in Science II2
STAR3050Seminar II1
STAR4000Undergraduate Research in Science III3
STAR4050Seminar III1