Chemistry Students won the Championship in Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad 2017

The 28th Chemistry Olympiad (for Tertiary Institutions), co-organized by the Hong Kong Chemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry, was held in the afternoon of February 25, 2017 at the City University of Hong Kong. Teams from six local universities participated in this event. The theme for this year was “Chemistry and Environmental Protection”.

CUHK team made a presentation on “Sustainable Energy” and won the Championship for the competition.
The CUHK team coordinator was Prof. CHAN Man Chor, assisted by Dr. CHEUNG Yu San, while Prof. LEE Hung Kay sat on the panel of judges as the representative from CUHK.

CUHK Team (Year 2 & 3 undergraduates from the Department of Chemistry)

Presenting Team: AO Chi Kit
HO Ka Ka
PUN Chun Sang
Supporting Team: CHIU Yu Kai
DAI Man Ting Toby
FONG Ching Wai
FUNG Wai Kin
HO Man Wai
LAU Yuk Yiu
WONG Alex Lok Sang
WONG Chun Kit
WONG Yat Hin

CUHK Presentation Team made a presentation about  “Sustainable Energy”

(From left) Dr. FUNG Ying Sing (Chairman, Organizing Committee of Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad), Mr. PUN Chun Sang, Miss HO Ka Ka , Mr. AO Chi Kit and Prof. Marcel SF LIE KEN JIE (Guest of Honour)

CUHK Team taking photo with academic staff [Dr. CHEUNG Yu San (Left 1), Prof. LEE Hung Kay(Left 2), Prof. CHAN Man Chor (Left 4)]