Dr. CHEUNG, Yu San(張羽伸博士)

BSc, MPhil (CUHK); PhD (Iowa State)

Senior Lecturer, Physical Chemistry Laboratory


location Room 234 Science Centre
Phone No. (852) 3943 6265
Email yscheung@cuhk.edu.hk


Since 2018 Associate Director, Centre for Promoting Science Education, Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Since 2017 Senior Lecturer, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Publications (textbooks):

1. Wai-Kee Li, Hung Kay Lee, Dennis Kee Pui Ng, Yu-San Cheung, Kendrew Kin Wah Mak, Thomas Chung Wai Mak, Problems in Structural Inorganic Chemistry, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, 2019.
2. 李偉基,張羽伸,李奇,李鴻基,吳基培,麥建華,麥松威,《无机结构化学习题(第二版)》,北京大學出版社(2019)
3. 麥松威,周公度,王穎霞,張羽伸,《高等无机结构化学(第三版)》,北京大學出版社(2021)。
4. Thomas Chung Wai Mak, Yu-San Cheung, Gong-Du Zhou, Ying-Xia Wang, Structural Chemistry across the Periodic Table, Oxford University Press (in press).