Undergraduate Summer Learning 2020

Undergraduate Summer Learning aims at providing students with various learning opportunities.

Research @ CUHK

The Department encourages students to conduct summer research under the supervision of faculty members. Scientific research work demands a kind of tenacity and creativity that often isn’t fully engaged in lectures and laboratory classes. While we focus on learning fundamental principles in lectures, conducting scientific research is, on the other hand, a valuable tool to prove or disprove fundamental principles. Students who are interested to conduct summer research should take a pro-active role to contact our faculty members for details.

Research @ University of Warwick

Summer research at University of Warwick has been suspended this year.

Research @ Kansai University

Summer research at Kansai University has been suspended this year.

Local Internship

All teaching internships have been suspended this year.
Local summer internships in the industrial area are open for application. The application deadline is 15 May 2020.


If you have any queries, please contact Dr. Donald Chan.