B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biology / Biology and Chemistry (Double Major Programme)

Applicable to students admitted in 2022-23 and thereafter

Conscientiously devised by the Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry and School of Life Sciences, the Bachelor of Science in Biology & Chemistry Double Major Programme shall equip students with enhanced broadness and diversity in both the fields of Chemistry and Biology through complementary and comprehensive trainings.

Admission Requirements

Phase I (Admission stage):

(A) HKDSE results of Chemistry and Biology (with total scores not less than 10), combinations as follows:

    • Level 5* or above in Chemistry and Level 4 or above in Biology /
    • Level 5* or above in Biology and Level 4 or above in Chemistry /
    • Level 5 or above in both Biology and Chemistry; OR

(B) Qualifications eligible for exemption of CHEM1070 & LSCI1002; OR

(C) Obtained ≥88% of the total score in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)


Phase II (End of Year 1):

Grade B or above or granted course exemption in CHEM1070 and LSCI1002

Admission Scholarship

Admission scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students who declared Double Major Programme in Biology and Chemistry as their major in Phase 1. Awardees will be selected according to their public examination results.

Programme Structure


Study Schemes