B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biology – Course List

Students should refer to CUSIS for updated schedule and course offerings. Click on the course titles for course descriptions.

Faculty Package courses
Chemistry courses at 1000 / 20003000 / 4000 level
Biology courses at 10002000 / 3000 / 4000 level

 Faculty Package courses

Course Code Course Title Unit(s)
CHEM1070 Principles of Modern Chemistry 3
LSCI1002 Introduction to Biological Sciences 3
PHYS1001 Essential Physics 3
PHYS1002 General Physics 3
PHYS1111 Introduction to Mechanics, Fluids, and Waves (University Physics I) 3

Chemistry courses

Course Code Course Title Unit(s)
CHEM1300 Fundamentals in Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM2110 Fundamentals of Spectroscopic Analysis 2
CHEM2120 Main Group Chemistry 2
CHEM2200 Organic Functional Groups: Structure and Reactivity 2
CHEM2300 Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium 2
CHEM2310 Introduction to Quantum Chemistry 2
CHEM2400 Analytical Chemistry 2
CHEM2868 Basic Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM2878 Basic Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHEM3130 Transition Metal Chemistry 3
CHEM3220 Organic Reactions: Reactivity and Selectivity 2
CHEM3230 Conjugated Molecules and Synthetic Polymers 2
CHEM3320 Chemical Kinetics 3
CHEM3340 Materials Chemistry 2
CHEM3410 Instrumental Analysis 3
CHEM3420 Accreditation of Laboratory Tests 2
CHEM3810 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM3830 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM3860 Transition Metal Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM3870 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory 2
CHEM4030 Problem-based Learning in Chemistry I 0
CHEM4040 Problem-based Learning in Chemistry II 4
CHEM4100 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM4110 Frontier Organometallic Catalysis 3
CHEM4200 Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 2
CHEM4302 Statistical Thermodynamics 2
CHEM4400 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 2
CHEM4440 Food Testing and Environmental Analysis 3
CHEM4630 Asymmetric Organic Synthesis 2
CHEM4640 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
CHEM4710 Quantum Chemistry 2
CHEM4780 Mass Spectrometry 2
CHEM4784 Bioanalytical Methods 2
CHEM4785 Industrial Chemistry 2
CHEM4788 Chemical Applications in Forensic Science 2
ENSC4525 Advanced Environmental Chemistry 3
ENSC4535 Chemical Treatment Processes 3

Biology courses

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
LSCI1012Introduction to Life Forms in the Biosphere3
LSCI2002Basic Lab Tech in Life Science2
BCHE2030Fundamentals of Biochemistry3
BIOL2120Cell Biology3
BIOL2213Ecology Laboratory1
BIOL2313Genetics Laboratory1
BIOL2410General Genetics2
BIOL2420Population Genetics1
BIOL3012Biodiversity Laboratory I2
BIOL3022Biodiversity Laboratory II2
BIOL3310Human Biology3
BIOL3410General Microbiology3
BIOL3420Advanced Genetics and Epigenetics3
BIOL3530Plant Physiology3
BIOL3560Biology of Fungi and Non-Vascular Plants2
BIOL3570Biology of Vascular Plants2
BIOL3610Invertebrate Form and Function2
BIOL3620Vertebrate Life2
BIOL3630Animal Physiology3
BIOL3710Marine Biology3
BIOL4010Evolutionary Biology3
BIOL4120Developmental Biology3
BIOL4230Global Change Biology3
BIOL4260Conservation Biology3
BIOL4310Human Genetics3
BIOL4420Marine Microbial Ecology2
BIOL4510Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation3
BIOL4520Plant Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering2
BIOL4901Senior Experimental Project I2
BIOL4902Senior Experimental Project II2
BIOL4903Senior Experimental Project III2