Research Abroad Experience – Student Sharing

University of Warwick

Wong Hong Chai (2022 participant)

My 9-week research focused on synthesizing sulfonamide and urea derivatives as potential DDX3 inhibitors, which will be further tested for their water-solubility, cytotoxicity, selectivity, activity and more. Quantum calculations were also performed.

The exchange programme turns out to be a lot more fruitful and inspiring than I anticipated. I discovered new skills and hacks in doing synthesis, such as 2D-NMRs, D2O shake, performing X-ray crystallography and even making capillary tubes. Moreover, I had also spent a lot of time on discussing my career in computation-aided drug discovery with my supervisor, which helped shape my research direction in my future PhD study. Not only did the exchange allow me to have a better understanding on foreign research environment, but it also pushed me to think deeply about my career.