Mr. Tse Man Ho & Ms. Xie Yi have been awarded the “Outstanding Graduate TA Award” (2022/23, Term 2)

The Department is pleased to announce that the following Teaching Assistants/ Demonstrators have been chosen as recipients of the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in 2022/23 Semester 2: (Name in alphabetical order)

Tse Man Ho (CHEM2110) & Xie Yi (CHEM4040)

This award is given each semester to Teaching Assistants/Demonstrators that demonstrates exceptional performance and devotion to duty while acting on behalf of the department. It is a prestigious honour that serves to recognise the best of the best within our ranks. The awardees’ teaching performance, contribution to Department and character are considered during the selection process. Each awardee will receive a $1,000 prize.

We are grateful to have our Department Chairman, Prof. Kwong Fuk-yee, to present the certificates and awards to the awardees.

What’s more, we are happy to have Man Ho and Yi to share with us their wholehearted feelings of receiving this achievement 🙂

Sharing from Tse Man Ho (Responsible course: CHEM2110)

It is my great honor to be nominated and receive this award.  Being a teaching assistant is a challenging task, especially to deliver the abstract chemical knowledge to students with diverse backgrounds.  The ability of using simple sentences and visualizing the concepts to students is very important.  I have been enjoying helping students to overcome their difficulties during their learning process and I feel satisfied when I am able to clarify their misunderstandings.  Throughout the discussion with students, I can also strengthen my expression and communicating skills as well.  Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the students of the course and the selection panel for their affirmation of my work as a TA.


Sharing from Xie Yi (Responsible course: CHEM4040)

It is a great honor to receive this award. Being a teaching assistant for Problem Based Learning (PBL), our goal is to allow students to learn how to apply their chemistry/scientific knowledge and laboratory skills to solve problems in some specific areas. I was lucky to have a group of hardworking and bright students, we are eager to discover answers to questions and excited to come up with solutions. To keep them motivated, I guide them to understand the research background and significance, simplify unnecessary steps to improve efficiency, face and analyse “negative” data, and help them improve their logic. I am honored that this research trip made them happy and rewarding.

Hearty congratulations to Man Ho and Yi, and many thanks to all nominators and our selection panels!