Ms. Cheung Ka Man, Mr. Tao Hongyi & Ms. Yang Yutong have been awarded the “Outstanding Graduate TA Award” (2022/23, Term 1)

The Department is pleased to announce that the following Teaching Assistants/ Demonstrators have been chosen as recipients of the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in 2022/23 Semester 1: (Name in alphabetical order)

Cheung Ka Man, Carman (CHEM1070A), Tao Hongyi (CHEM2120) & Yang Yutong (CHEM2300)

This award is given each semester to Teaching Assistants/Demonstrators that demonstrates exceptional performance and devotion to duty while acting on behalf of the department. It is a prestigious honour that serves to recognise the best of the best within our ranks. The awardees’ teaching performance, contribution to Department and character are considered during the selection process. Each awardee will receive a $1,000 prize.

We are grateful to have our Department Chairman, Prof. Kwong Fuk-yee, to present the certificates and awards to the awardees.

What’s more, we are happy to have Carman, Hongyi and Yutong to share with us their wholehearted feelings of receiving this achievement 🙂

Sharing from Cheung Ka Man (Carman) (Responsible course: CHEM1070A)

Being a teaching assistant at the University, I found that communicating knowledge to students is not an easy task. A university concentrates students from diversified backgrounds, from different secondary schools, or even countries. The concept of chemistry is abstract and needs to be explained from different perspectives. I am capable to use simpler sentences and figures so that students can easily grasp the main concepts delivered by the Professors in the lectures. Also, each of the students can be catered for with the problem sets with the right levels of difficulties.


Sharing from Tao Hongyi (Responsible course: CHEM2120)

It is a great honor to receive this award and I am very grateful to both the students and Professors. As all of us have already been through the undergraduate study before, I think it is our responsibility to tell the current undergraduate students how to understand the chemistry and avoid the misunderstanding. I really enjoyed the discussion with students when answering their questions and I think that not only help them enhance their understanding but also refresh my knowledge.


Sharing from Yang Yutong (Responsible course: CHEM2300)

It is a great honor to be nominated and awarded this award. I enjoy helping the students as a TA and I love seeing their insights and confidence-building in learning the course. I appreciate the opportunity to work with students to remove barriers to their learning, even a little bit. I also deeply believe that being a TA can not only help students and assistant the lecturer, but also deepen my understanding of knowledge. Thanks to the students of the course and the panel for their affirmation.

Hearty congratulations to Carman, Hongyi and Yutong, and many thanks to all nominators and our selection panels!