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Resource Book for Sixth-Form Practical Chemistry / 中六級化學實驗資源冊

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Contents and Foreword
1  Complex formation and solubility product
2 Acidity of copper(II) sulphate(VI) solution and solubility product of copper(II) hydroxide
3 Calcium carbonate in eggshell
4 Synthesis of ferrate(VI) ions
5 EDTA titration: calcium in calcium supplements
6 Synthesis of an iron(III)-EDTA complex
7 Preparation and relative stability of copper(II) complexes
8 Synthesis of an azo dye – the coupling reaction of benzenediazonium ion with naphthalen-2-ol
9 Isolation of the essential oils from common spices and spectroscopic analysis of their major constituents
10 Alcohol breath analyser
11 Separation and identification of the major components of common over-the-counter painkilling drugs
12 Green chemistry: an environmentally friendly preparation of 1,6-hexanedioic acid

Resource Materials for Advanced Level Chemistry Curriculum – Exercises on Structure Determination of Organic Compounds (Mass Spectrometry)
高級程度化學課程學與教資源 – 有機化合物結構的測定習作(質譜法)

Introduction and Questions / 引言及習作
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