Professor SONG, Chunshan (宋春山教授)

Dean of Science

Wei Lun Professor of Chemistry

Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

location    Room G36 Science Centre

Phone No.    (852) 3943 1133

Fax No.    (852) 2603 5315









1989 Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry Osaka University, Japan
1986 M.S. in Applied Chemistry Osaka University, Japan
1983 Diploma in Japanese Northeast Normal University, China
1982 B.S. in Chemical Engineering Dalian University of Technology, China


Work Experience

Dean of Science and Wei Lun Professor of Chemistry Faculty of Science,
2007-2020 Director of the EMS Energy Institute (2007-2020) and
Associate Director of Institutes of Energy and the Environment (2008-2020)
The Pennsylvania State University at University Park, USA
Founding Director of the University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research (UCFER) Funded by US Department of Energy,
National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE-NETL)
Founding Director of the international Joint Center for Energy Research (JCER) between the Pennsylvania State University and Dalian University of Technology (DUT), Pennsylvania State University, USA and Dalian University of Technology, China
1998-2020 Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science (2010-2020), Professor of Fuel Science (2003-2020), Associate Professor of Fuel Science (1998-2003) of Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering
Professor of Chemical Engineering (2008-2020) of Department of Chemical Engineering,
The Pennsylvania State University, USA
2010-present Visiting Professor in Energy and Chemical Engineering,
Dalian University of Technology, China
Invited Professor in Chemistry,
University of Pierre and Marie Curie (now Sorbonne University), Paris, France
Visiting Professor in Chemical Engineering,
Imperial College London, University of London, UK
Associate Director,
Hydrogen Energy Center, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Director, Clean Fuels and Catalysis Program (2000-2020);
Director, Applied Catalysis in Energy Laboratory (1998-2000);
Associate Director, Laboratory for Hydrocarbon Process Chemistry (1995-1998);
EMS Energy Institute, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Associate Professor of Fuel Science, Assistant Professor, Senior Research Associate, Research Associate
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Research Associate at Research Center,
Osaka Gas Company, Osaka, Japan


Research Interests

Catalysis and Chemistry of Energy and Fuels Involving Adsorption, Catalysis and Catalytic Materials for Clean Fuels, Chemicals and CO2 Utilization:

  1. Adsorptive separation of carbon dioxide (CO2) using molecular basket sorbents and selective capture of H2S, NH3, NO2 and SO2 from gas strems
  2. Catalysis for CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals as well as non-thermal plasma catalytic conversion of CO2, SO2, and H2S gases
  3. Shape-selective catalysis for chemicals synthesis over molecular sieving nano-porous materials
  4. Catalysis & reaction chemistry for conversion of fossil energy and renewable energy
  5. Selective adsorption in fuel processing for ultra-clean fuels and fuel cells
  6. Reforming of hydrocarbon and alcohol fuels for syngas and H2 production
  7. Synthesis & applications of novel nano-porous catalytic and (ad)sorbent materials


Honours and Awards

  • 2020 Top 2% Most Cited Scientists Worldwide according to a study published in PLOS Biology by Stanford University in October 2020
  • 2019 George A. Olah Award, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • 2019 Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award, Dalian University of Technology, China
  • 2017 Honorary Professor, Tianjin University, China
  • 2017 Global Alumni Fellow, Osaka University, Japan
  • 2016 The Most Cited Researchers in Energy Science and Engineering, Elsevier and Shanghai Ranking
  • 2016 The Most Cited Researchers in Chemical Engineering, Elsevier and Shanghai Ranking
  • 2011 Faculty Scholar Medal, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 2011 Distinguished Researcher Award, ACS Energy & Fuels Division
  • 2011 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award for Excellence in Catalysis
  • 2010 Henry H. Storch Award, American Chemical Society
  • 2010 Fellow of American Chemical Society
  • 2010 Distinguished Professor, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 2007 Herman Pines Award in Catalysis from Chicago Catalysis Club
  • 2006 Chang Jiang Scholar Award, Ministry of Education, China
  • 2006 Faculty Mentoring Award, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 2004 Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award, US Department of State
  • 2003 Outstanding Scholars Overseas Award from Chinese Academy of Science
  • 2000 Wilson Award for Outstanding Research, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 1998 NEDO Fellowship Award, NEDO, Japan
  • 1995 Materials Science and Engineering Service Award, The Pennsylvania State University

Professional Activities

  • Editor in Chief, “Advances in Catalysis”, Elsevier, 2016-2020.
  • Advisory Editor, “Journal of CO2 Utilization”, Elsevier, 2012-present.
  • Associate Editor in Chief, “Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering”, Springer, 2018-present.
  • Chair of International Scientific Committee for International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU, 2011-present)
  • Chair of Selection Committee for Distinguished Researcher Award, Energy and Fuels Division of American Chemical Society (2012-present)
  • Co-Chair of North American Catalysis Society Biennial Meeting in 2015 and Treasurer in Organizing Committee of North American Catalysis Society Biennial Meeting in 2005
  • Academic Committee for Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (iChEM) consisting of Fudan University, Xiamen University, China University of Science & Technology and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China, 2015-2019.
  • International Advisory Board, the State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China, 2015-2020.
  • International Advisory Board, the State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion, Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Taiyuan, China, 2018-2022.
  • Editorial Advisory Board for “Energy & Fuels” (American Chemical Society journal, 2001-present); “Applied Catalysis B: Environmental” (Elsevier, 2009-2016); “Catalysis Today” (Elsevier, 2006-present); “Chinese Journal of Catalysis” (English journal by Elsevier, 2010-present); “Green Energy & Environment” (Elsevier and CSPM, 2016-present); “Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology” (Wiley, 2011-present); “Chemical Engineering & Technology” (Wiley-VCH, 2011-present); “International Journal of Coal Science and Technology” (Springer, 2014-present); “Research on Chemical Intermediates” (Springer, 2004-present); “Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology” (CAS, 2005-present); “RSC Catalysis Series” (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2007-present).
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
    1. Division of Energy and Fuels (ENFL)
    2. Division of Catalysis Science and Technology (CATL)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
    1. Division of Fuels and Petrochemicals
    2. Division of Catalysis & Reaction Engineering
  • North American Catalysis Society
    1. Catalysis Club of Philadelphia
    2. Pittsburgh-Cleveland Catalysis Society
  • International Zeolite Association (IZA)
  • Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society

Representative Publications

  • M.S. AlQahtani, X.X. Wang, S.D. Knecht, S.G. Bilén, and C.S. Song. Plasma-Enhanced Catalytic Reduction of SO2: Decoupling Plasma-Induced Surface Reaction from Plasma-Phase Reaction. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2021, 286, 119852.
  • J.J. Wang, M.S. AlQahtani, X.X. Wang, S.D. Knecht, S.G. Bilén, C.S. Song and W. Chu. One-Step Plasma-Enabled Catalytic Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation to Higher Hydrocarbons: Significance of Catalyst-Bed Configuration. Green Chemistry, 2021, 23, 1642-1647.
  • X.B. Zhang, G.H. Zhang, W. Liu, F. Yuan, J.Y. Wang, J. Zhu, X. Jiang, A.F. Zhang, F.S. Ding, C.S. Song, and X.W. Guo. Reaction-driven Surface Reconstruction of ZnAl2O4 Boosts the Methanol Selectivity in CO2 Catalytic Hydrogenation. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2021, 284, 119700.
  • J.Y. Wang, G.H. Zhang, J. Zhu, X.B., Zhang; F.S. Ding, A.F. Zhang, X.W. Guo and C.S. Song. CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol over In2O3-based Catalysts: From Mechanism to Catalyst Development. ACS Catalysis, 2021, 11, 1406–1423.
  • H.J. Kim, and C.S. Song. A Refined Design Concept for Sulfur-Tolerant Pd Catalyst Supported on Zeolite by Shape-Selective Exclusion and Hydrogen Spillover for Hydrogenation of Aromatics. Journal of Catalysis, 2021, in press.
  • M.S. AlQahtani, S.D. Knecht, X.X. Wang, S.G. Bilén, and C.S. Song. One-Step Low-Temperature Reduction of Sulfur Dioxide to Elemental Sulfur by Plasma-Enhanced Catalysis. ACS Catalysis2020, 10 (9), 5272-5277.
  • X. Jiang, X.W. Nie, X.W. Guo, C.S. Song and J.G. Chen. Recent Advances in Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation to Methanol via Heterogeneous Catalysis. Chemical Reviews2020, 120 (15), 7984–8034.
  • X. Jiang, X.W. Nie, Y.T. Gong, C.M. Moran, J.Y. Wang, J. Zhu, H.B. Chang, X.W. Guo, K.S. Walton, and C.S. Song. A Combined Experimental and DFT Study of H2O Effect on In2O3/ZrO2 Catalyst for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol. Journal of Catalysis2020, 383, 283-296.
  • J. Zhu, G.H. Zhang, W.H. Li, X.B. Zhang, F.S. Ding, C.S. Song and X.W. Guo. Deconvolution of the Particle Size Effect on CO2 Hydrogenation over Iron-based Catalysts. ACS Catalysis2020, 10 (13), 7424–7433.
  • J.Y. Wang, C.-Y. Liu, T.P. Senftle, J. Zhu, G.H. Zhang, X.W. Guo and C.S. Song.  Variation in In2O3 Crystal Phase Alters Catalytic Performance toward the Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction. ACS Catalysis2020, 10 (5), 3264−3273.
  • X.W. Nie, X.X. Ren, C.Y. Tu, C.S. Song, X.W. Guo and J.G. Chen. Computational and Experimental Identification of Strong Synergy of Fe/ZnO Catalyst in Promoting Acetic Acid Synthesis from CH4 and CO2Chemical Communications2020, 56 (28), 3983-3986.
  • X. Jiang, X.W. Nie, X.X. Wang, H.Z. Wang, N. Koizumi, Y.G. Chen, X.W. Guo, and C.S. Song. Origin of Pd-Cu Bimetallic Effect for Synergetic Promotion of Methanol Formation from CO2 Hydrogenation. Journal of Catalysis2019, 369, 21–32.
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  • W.H. Li, Y. Liu, M.C. Mu, F.S. Ding, Z.M. Liu, X.W. Guo and C.S. Song. Organic Acid-assisted Preparation of Highly Dispersed Co/ZrO2 Catalysts with Superior Activity for CO2 Methanation.Applied Catalysis B: Environmental2019, 254, 531-540.
  • L. Luo, K.Y. Li, A.F. Zhang, H.N. Shi, G.H. Zhang, J.N. Ma, W. Zhang, J.W. Tang, C.S. Song and X.W. Guo. Controllable Assembly of Single/Double-thin-shell g-C3N4 Vesicles via a Shape-Selective Solid-state Templating Method for Efficient Photocatalysis. Journal of Materials Chemistry A2019, 17815-17822.
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