Prof. SZE, Tung Po Eric (史東甫教授)

BSc (Hons) (Environmental Science, CUHK), MSc (Applied Toxicology, University of Surrey), PhD (Chemistry, CUHK)

Prof. Sze obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree in analytical chemistry and has over 20 years of experience in laboratory testing and accreditation. He embarked on a successful career as technical managements in various renowned conformity assessment and manufactory organizations. In 2010, Prof. Sze joined Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the Government of HKSAR as a senior accreditation officer, with his duty in conducting accreditation to conformity assessment organizations and promoting the use of accreditation services. Upon completion of his contract at HKAS, he had worked in the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU, formerly named as the Open University of Hong Kong) for 10 years. Prof. Sze has his research interests in risk assessment and monitoring of microplastics, development of antimicrobial materials, authentication of Chinese materia medica and application of probiotics bacteria.