Briefing Information for Postgraduate Students and Research Assistants in Chemistry Division (18-Aug-2023)

(Restricted to CUHK, Chem. Dept. network only)


  1. Opening – Prof. Qian MIAO
  2. Safety in Research Laboratory – Mr. Dennis Pak-Kai HUI (Director, University Safety Office)
  3. Instruction to Laboratory Demonstrators and Use of Teaching Laboratory Facilities – Dr. Donald Ka-long CHAN (Lecturer)


  1. Major equipment service (XRD, NMR & MS) & research service application – Dr. Chun-fai NG (Scientific Officer)
  2. Use of Research Equipment including MS – Mr. Chun-wah LIN (Senior Technician)
  3. Safety Audit and Lab Accident – Mr. Chun-wah LIN (Senior Technician)
  4. MSU service, Glassblowing service and Repair of Research Equipment – Mr. Ka-fai WOO (Senior Technician)
  5. Computer Services, IP Phone service, door e-lock and Network Facilities – Mr. Ka-fai WOO (Senior Technician)
  6. Department Store Services – Mr. Wai-hong WONG (Lab Technologist)


Updated on 21-Aug-2023