Professor Chuen Shing MOK(莫全城教授)

Adjunct Professor

BSc (Chemistry, CUHK)
BSc (Mathematics, University of London)
PhD (Chemistry, CUHK)
Fellow of the RSC, UK


Dr. MOK has over 30 years work experience in analytical chemistry. He joined the Government Laboratory in 1982 and retired in early 2013. He was seconded from the Government Laboratory to the then Civil Engineering Services Department in the period 1990-1994. He was Senior Chemist of the Government Laboratory from 1994 to 2013 and had been appointed Acting Chief Chemist of the Laboratory on several occasions. He had been the Quality Manager of the Laboratory and had been the Section Head of various sections of the Laboratory. Dr.Mok has extensive experience in laboratory management, quality assurance, metrology in chemistry and food, pharmaceutical, environmental, commodity and construction material analysis. Dr.Mok has also been an HOKLAS assessor for over 20 years and is familiar with the requirements for laboratory accreditation.