Mr. HO, Kin Man John

MPhil (CUHK),
C. Chem, MRSC


Mr. Ho has been working as a laboratory supervisor since graduating (1986) and is responsible for managing the laboratory operations, motivation of staff and provision of technical training for staff. He has participated in several projects including sewage master plan study projects, air quality survey projects, water quality survey projects, ENPO (West Kowloon Reclamation) and landfill projects (NENT, NMNT, Urban Landfill, WENT, SENT). Mr. Ho has wide experience in Quality Assurance, liaison with clients, and general management of daily operations. He is familiar with various fields of testing, the operation of different environmental instruments. He has provided training on the principles, operation and calibration of various instruments which have included running training courses for clients such as Airport Authority. He also has extensive experience in QA and is a HOKLAS approved signatory of various testing categories.