Professor Clarence Tsun Ting WONG(王搢珽教授)

Research Assistant Professor

location Room 245 Science Centre North Block
Phone No. (852) 3943 1326













2007-2011 Ph.D. School of Biological Sciences,Nanyang Technological University,Singapore (with Prof. James P. Tam)
2002-2005 B.Sc. Department of Biochemistry,The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Since 2016 Research Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2012-2016 Research Associate (with Prof. Xuechen Li), Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong
2011-2012 Post-doctoral Fellow (with Prof. James P. Tam), School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Representative Publications

1. Zhang, Y., Zhang, Q., Wong, C. T. T., Li, X. Chemoselective Peptide Cyclization and Biocyclization Directly on Unprotected Peptides. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019 (In press) .
2. Xue, E. Y., Wong, R. C. H., Zhao, S., Fong, W. P., Wong, C. T. T., Ng, D. K. P. Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy of Colorectal Tumor Using Peptide-Conjugated Phthalocyanine. RSC Adv. 2019, 9, 20652-20662. .
3. Ha, S. Y. Y., Wong, R. C. H., Wong, C. T. T., Ng, D. K. P. An Integrin-Targeting Glutathione-Activated Zinc(II)Phthalocyanine for Dual Targeted Photodynamic Therapy. Eur. J. Med. Chem.2019, 174, 56-65.
4. Liao, Q., Li, S., Siu, S. W. I., Morlighem, J. R. L., Wong, C. T. T., Wang, X., Rádis-Baptista, G., Lee, S. M. Novel Neurotoxic Peptides from Protopalythoa variabilis Virtually Interact With Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel and Display Anti-Epilepsy and Neuroprotective Activities in Zebrafish. Arch. Toxicol.2019, 93, 189-206.
5. Liao, Q., Gong, G., Siu, S. W. I.,Wong, C. T. T., Yu, H., Tse, Y. C., Rádis-Baptista, G., Lee, S. M. A Novel ShK-Like Toxic Peptide from the Transcriptome of the Cnidarian Palythoa Caribaeorum Displays Neuroprotection and Cardioprotection in Zebrafish. Toxins2018, 10, 238.
6. Liao, Q., Li, S., Siu, S. W. I., Yang, B., Huang, C., Chan, J. Y. W., Morlghem, J. E. R. L., Wong, C. T. T., Baptista, G.R., Lee, S. M. Y. Novel Kunitz-Like Peptide Discovered in the Zoanthid Palythoa Caribaeorum Through Transcriptome Sequencing. J. Proteome Res2018, 17, 891-902.
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10. Tung, C. L.*, Wong, C. T. T.*, Fung, E. Y. M. and Li, X. Traceless and Chemoselective Amine Bioconjugation via Phthalimidine Formation in Native Protein Modification. Org. Lett2016, 18, 2600-2603.
11. Wong, C. T. T., Lam, H. Y., Song, T., Chen, G. and Li, X. Synthesis of Constrained Head-to- Tail Cyclic Tetrapeptides by Imine-Induced Ring-Closing/Contraction Strategy. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed2013, 52, 10212-10215.
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