Prof. LI, Hung Wing (李紅榮教授)

Associate Professor

location    Room 243 Science Centre

Phone No.    (852) 3943-0329


Research Group    HW Li Group




Postdoctoral University of Chicago, USA
Ph.D. Iowa State University, USA
B.Sc. (Hons.) The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Since 2020 Associate Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2013-2020 Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University


Research Interests

Our group is interested in the study of biomolecular interactions and biomarkers sensing with the aid of fluorescence microscopic methods. Recently, we

1. develop ultrasensitive assays for the detection of potent cancer markers, e.g. microRNA;
2 study the fibrillogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease-related beta-amyloid peptides and theranostics of Alzheimer’s disease;
3 develop new imaging contrast agents for early disease diagnosis.


Honours and Awards

2018 President’s Outstanding Performance in Team Teaching, Hong Kong Baptist University
2016 The Innovationem Award for the Most Promising Innovation of the Year 2016, Hong Kong Baptist University
2015 The Hundred Talent of Shanxi Province, China for 2015-2018


Representative Publications

1. Zhao Chao, Meng Shuangshuang, Chan Hei-Nga, Wang Xueli, Li Hung-Wing *, Chan Michael C. W. “Saccharide-Functionalized Poly(Zn-salphen)-alt-(m- and p-phenyleneethynylene)s as Dynamic Helical Metallopolymers” Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2022), 61(9) e202115712, doi: 10.1002/anie.202115712
2. Iyaswamy Ashok,* Wang Xueli, Krishnamoorthi Senthilkumar, Kaliamoorthy Venkatapathy, Sreenivasmurthy Sravan G., Durairajan Siva Sundara Kumar, Song Ju-Xian, Tong Benjamin Chun-kit, Zhu Zhou, Su Cheng-Fu, Liu Jia, Cheung King-Ho, Lu Jia-Hong, Tan Jie-Qiong, Li Hung-Wing,* Wong Man Shing,, Li Min, “Theranostic F-SLOH mitigates Alzheimer’s disease pathology involving TFEB and ameliorates cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s disease models” Redox Biology (2022), 51, 102280
3. Wang, Xueli; Chan, Hei Nga; Desbois, Nicolas; P. Gros, Claude; Bolze, Frederic; Li, Yinhui; Li, Hung-Wing*; Wong, Man Shing. “Multimodal Theranostic Cyanine-Conjugated Gadolinium(III) Complex for In Vivo Imaging of Amyloid-β in an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2021), 13 (16), 18525-18532.
4. Wang, Chengke, Wang, Xueli, Chan, Hei‐Nga, Liu, Guifeng, Wang, Zhenxin, Li, Hung-Wing* Wong, Man Shing, “Amyloid‐β Oligomer‐Targeted Gadolinium‐Based NIR/MR Dual‐Modal Theranostic Nanoprobe for Alzheimer’s Disease” Advanced Functional Materials (2020)
5. Chan, Hei-Nga; He, See-Lok; He, Dinggeng and Li, Hung-Wing*, “Direct and sensitive detection of circulating miRNA in human serum by ligase-mediated amplification”, Talanta (2020), 206, 120217.
6. Guo, Yahui; Pan, Xinyue; Zhang, Wenya; Hu, Zhigang; Wong, Ka-Wang; He, Zhike and Li, Hung-Wing*, “Label-free probes using DNA-templated silver nanoclusters as versatile reporters”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2019), 150, 111926.
7. He, Dinggeng; Wang, Huizhen; Ho, See-Lok; Chan, Hei-Nga; Hai, Luo; He Xiaoxiaio; Wang, Kemin and Li, Hung-Wing*, “Total Internal Reflection-based Single-Vesicle in situ Quantitative and Stoichiometric Analysis of Tumor-derived Exosomal microRNAs for Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring” Theranostics (2019), 9(15), 4494-4507.
8. Chan, Hei-Nga; Xu, Di; Ho, See-Lok; He, Dinggeng; Wong, Man Shing and Li, Hung-Wing*, “Highly Sensitive Quantification of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers by Aptamer-assisted Amplification”, Theranostics (2019), 9(10), 2939-2949.
9. He, Dinggeng; Ho, See-Lok; Chan, Hei-Nga; Wang, Huizhen; Hai, Luo; He, Xiaoxiao; Wang, Kemin and Li, Hung-Wing*, “Molecular-Recognition-Based DNA Nanodevices for Enhancing the Direct Visualization and Quantification of Single Vesicles of Tumor Exosomes in Plasma Microsamples”, Analytical Chemistry (2019), 91(4), 2768-2775.
10. Wong, Ka-Wang; Xu, Di; He, Dinggeng; Wong, Man Shing and Li, Hung-Wing*, “Direct Immunomagnetic Detection of Low Abundance Cardiac Biomarker by Aptamer DNA Nanocomplex”, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 291 (2019), 291, 200-206.
11. Li, Yinhui; Xu, Di; Chan, Hei-Nga; Poon, Chung-Yan; Ho, See-Lok; Li, Hung-Wing* and Wong, Man Shing, “Dual-Modal NIR-Fluorophore Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticle for Imaging Amyloid-β Species in Vivo”, Small (2018), 14(28), 1800901. (Highlighted on Frontispiece Cover) Video Abstract at:
12. Li, Yinhui; Xu, Di; Sun, Anyang; Ho, See-Lok; Poon, Chung-Yan; Chan, Hei-Nga; Ng, Olivia T. W.; Yung, Ken K. L.; Yan, Hui; Li, Hung-Wing* and Wong, Man Shing, “Fluoro-Substituted Cyanine for Reliable in vivo Labelling of Amyloid‐β Oligomers and Neuroprotection against Amyloid-β Induced Toxicity”, Chemical Science (2017), 8, 8279-8284.
13. He, Dinggeng; He, Xing; Yang, Xue and Li, Hung-Wing*, “A smart ZnO@polydopamine-nucleic acid nanosystem for ultrasensitive live cell mRNA imaging by the target-triggered intracellular self-assembly of active DNAzyme nanostructures” Chemical Science (2017), 8, 2832-2840.


Research Grants

1. Hong Kong Research Grants Council: GRF12301020 and GRF12301519
2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Direct Grant